The 'Sol Pound' Collection

Our ‘SolPound’ collection is based on our love and appreciation of our furry friends. Sometimes we take life too seriously and with this collection, we wanted the ‘SolPound’ to be a humorous look at mans best friend.

Launching 2021


Each piece of art is individually created by an artist so you can be confident that it is indeed a unique piece. In addition, we would love to send you a high-resolution print that you can showcase to your heart’s content.


We have made the minting process super easy. We will be releasing a SolPound each day during November so you can goto Solsea and purchase the Dog that you most like. Its that simple.


The SolPound is a limited collection. We have 10 different dogs and each dog will have up to 20 variations. We will be holding back a small number of pieces and we will be giving away a few pieces but the majority will be available on SolSea.

The Collection

Check out our dog models below and let us know who’s your favourite and don’t forget when you buy a piece of art you get exclusive rights to it.


There will be 10 dogs in total we have completed 3 so far:
– Harry Sol
– Daisy Sol
– Arthur Sol

in Phase 2 we will have:
– Jack Sol
– Charlie Sol
– Poppy Sol

For Phase 3 and the remaining 4 dogs, it would be great if you could send us photos of your dogs to us and we can decide with the community which ones to work on. Who wants to have a famous dog??? 🙂
Message us: [email protected]


NOV 2021
Launching 10th November 2021
The "SolPound" launch party

We will be launching our first ever collection, the "SolPound". This will be a limited edition of just 10 sets of dogs with each dog having between 20-30 different variations. These pieces of art are hand crafted so each is a totally unique take on our furry friends.

The "SolPound" starting November 2021
The "SolPound" release schedule

Starting in November 2021 we will be releasing a random piece of art from each of the following dog collections: -Harry Sol
-Daisy Sol
-Arthur Sol

Feb 2022
The "SolPound" during February 2022
New "SolPound" collections

We will be releasing our next 3 "SolPound" collections namely:
-Charlie Sol
-Jack Sol
-Poppy Sol

The "SolPound" during April 2022
New "SolPound" collections

This will be our last set of dogs for the "SolPound" collection. What will be amazing is that we will create these pieces of art from the 4 lucky winners who send in pics of their dogs.