The "SolPound" launch party

We will be launching our first ever collection, the "SolPound". This will be a limited edition of just 10 sets of dogs with each dog having between 20-30 different variations. These pieces of art are hand crafted so each is a totally unique take on our furry friends.

The "SolCats"

We dont just love dogs, we love cats too!! We couldnt leave our feline friends out of the party so we just have to create a number of cat collections. We would love for you to send us pics of your cats and build our art around them

The "BoxingGreats"

This will be a homage to the boxing greats of our time. We have a number of boxers already in mind but it would be great to hear from everyone, i think a few polls will be needed!!!

The "FootyLegends"

This will be a homage to the greatest footballers of our time.  More details to come shortly